Friday, June 23, 2017

#79: lrt ride with mak

Dang Wangi ➡️ Subang Jaya

The train was full and kesian Mak as she had to stand until KL Sentral station before someone offered her a seat.

This was her first LRT ride since the KJ Line Expansion project.

"Wahhhh boleh sampai Putra Heights sekarang!"

Subang Jaya ➡️ Dang Wangi

It was an empty train and we both got to sit. Guess who took a long nap back to KL.


Mak: "Best ko tido??"

Aik, perli nampak? haha!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

#78: yellow gloves

Continued coating the wicker sofa with paint. Didn't want to get paint all over my fingers and hands so I bought this yellow glove from Cold Storage.

This DIY project is kinda fun and the seaters look good now - if I can say so myself.

I told Mak it would be chic if we can put one strip of black paint around the edges - just to add a black and white feeeellllll.

*OK please don't get too excited, Syaf*

#77: diy project

As Hari Rays is fast-approaching, Mak and I are busy giving an old seater a fresh coat of paint. 

We have this old wicker one-seater sofa at home. I believe it was my Uncle's and we took it from my old grandparent's place. Mak loves this so much since she said it's comfortable and all. 

As you can tell, we decided to give this seater a nice paint. First we used the spray paint. It was easy and I just love spraying this all over. 

But I finished two cans just for one seater (as we have another one to spray). This spray thingi is expensive k, so we kinda needed a lot to spray two seaters. 

We have a small can of paint at home so we decided to just paint the second seater with this paint. I've given it one coat, so just waiting for the second coat.

But of course my hands are full of the excessive paint, it's sticky and disgusting. 

So that's basically my Hari Raya project on this off day today. 

Ok, enough blogging.

I need to get to my painting job.